Why I have this thing
Okay, the MAIN reason I got off my rear and de-lurked is I need one of these things to join members only fanfiction journals, and I am a serious fic reader. It was getting annoying when every fic or fanart I clicked on said 'members locked' *growls*

A bit about me for the poor fools who stumble on this thing. 

My name is Brianna of the unspecified last name. Call me Anna.  I just turned 24 06/02/11, and as a job I provide full time care for my mother. And thanks to the F'd up state I live in, I don't get paid for this. They're all "Go talk to these people, they can help you." but when you go over there, they say, "Oh no, WE don't do that, go talk to THOSE people." Very ping-pong like.

I like to think I'm a nice person, but have been told I'm a bit of a bitch. F*** 'em. *Smiles warmly*

I have been homeless. (5+ YEARS of it, thanks.) No one would provide enough help to actually HELP.

During this period I was hit by a truck as I crossed a street. Now I can't stand for long periods of time.

During said period all my/our (it was my mother and I) family and friends quit speaking to us, likely fearing our homeless cooties would rub off on them. 
I called them ALL when I was in hospital,  left messages... Not one called me back and those I managed to actually get on the line were evasive and, while not actually mean, all the conversations had a lovely undercurrent of "Why the heck are you calling me, person?".
Not a single one came to visit, either, not even the girl I had thought of as my best friend. *Shrugs* I have REASONS for my bitchiness, and bitterness thanks.
Despite all of that, I'm trying to let it all go. But even still, It's hard not to wonder... Did I matter to them at all? Ever? 

OKAY, got all depressing there for a bit. Here's some cheerier stuff. I'm TRYING to be more of a half full kinda person... Sorry 'bout that.

My user name is actually a refrence to an old, never used but still loved, Elfquest RPG character, and not a Stephanie Meyer refrence.  Not that I hate her, I can't wait for the Host movie, but really, theres only so much Bella/Edward angsty vampire stuff I can take. 

I have dark ash blond hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. I am mostly Lithuanian, Scottish, and Native American (who were NOT all dark haired/dark eyed/dark skinned, that's a myth), with a smattering of Irish and African (from the Native American blood).

I currently reside somewhere in Georgia, which is quite possibly hell on earth from a certain stand point.

My favorite musician is Heather Dale, my favorite author is Mercedes Lackey.

I support the soldiers fighting our wars, but generally not the wars themselves.

I believe love is love whether it is between a man and a woman, two men, or two women, and they should all have the same right to marry should they wish it.

I love animals and am appalled by how many are treated daily, but I think PETA is a bunch of terrorists, and that the laws governing animal abuse can be twisted far too easily to harm loving pet owners instead of abusive ones. (My mother had some horses taken from her for absolutly no reason other then the local sheriff wanted one of her horses and she refused to sell.)
I love and own Rat Terriers; I have five full timers named Momo, Kitty, Juna, Osa, and Jazz. Occasionally we have transitionals, and the odd litter of puppies.

I am a huge geek with no real life to speak of. *G*

I have never been to any sort of CON, since I live in the boonies, but I would love to someday.

Petshop of Horrors is my favorite manga.

I really miss Anime Insider. What HAPPENED to it?

I kinda really, sorta strongly, dislike TOS Star Trek, but absolutly LOVE the new reboot world, also known as Star Trek XI and AOS.

My favorite old Star Trek movie is The Journey Home... Yeah, I know. The whale movie.

I also love Torchwood. A fandom that gives us CANNON mpreg in the FIRST episode... How could you not love that? *ducks fruit lobbed by Mpreg haters*

I am in the process of trying to write my own original Sci-fi and ParaFantasy novels, so I have banned myself from writing fanfiction until I finish something... Since I'm only about twenty pages in, hard copy, its gonna be a while.

I despise unfinished fanfics. If your not going to finish, don't post.

I doubt I'll use this journal much, maybe for the occasional rant, but you'll find I don't curse much in my writing, real life yes, written text, no.


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